How can EU citizens living in Slovakia take part in European elections?

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How can EU citizens living in Slovakia take part in European elections?

11. 04. 2019 13:41

From 23 to 26 May 2019, people in the EU will vote for the next European Parliament. In Slovakia, the elections will take place on May 25. The common campaign launched for these elections is held under the motto: This time I am voting. Slovakia has had the lowest turnout in every European Parliament election since it joined the European Union. Only 13 percent voted in the 2014 European election, the lowest turnout of all EU countries.

All adult citizens of the Slovak Republic who reside in its territory on the day of elections may vote for the MEPs. Citizens of other EU Member States residing in Slovakia may take part in the elections, too. Soňa Mellak from the European Parliament's office in Slovakia explains the two options.

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The Slovak Interior Ministry, which is in charge of the elections in Slovakia, provides more information on its websites for those EU citizens who want to register on the electoral lists, which would make them eligible to vote for the Slovak candidates. These requests must be delivered to the municipality of permanent residence no later than April 15. Based on the entry in the electoral list in Slovakia, the citizen will be removed from the electoral list in his home country, preventing someone from voting twice.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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