Extremist 'Slovakbro' sentenced to six years in prison

Extremist 'Slovakbro' sentenced to six years in prison

A Specialised Criminal Court judge on Thursday approved a plea bargain concluded between a right-wing extremist who went by the nickname 'Slovakbro' on the international far-right cyber scene and a prosecutor, sentencing him to six years in prison for his involvement in terrorism. In addition to serving time, the man will have to forfeit some of his property. 'Slovakbro' was detained by the National Crime Agency (NAKA) in May this year, as he was suspected of having publicly incited the overthrow of the democratic political system through subversion and sabotage, as well as acts of terrorism. Apart from sympathising with 'white' terrorists, the extremist published instructions and diagrams for manufacturing improvised cold weapons, home-produced automatic firearms, explosives and mines, and instructions for sabotage attacks. He also committed a number of extremist offences and showed sympathy with the neo-Nazi far Right. Judge Ružena Sabová also pointed out that the terrorist from Zámocká Street, who murdered two people, might have been inspired by 'Slovakbro'. The attack in front of the Teplaren bar was directed against the LGBTI+ community.

Source: TASR

Marianna Palková, Photo: Flickr/Christoph Scholz

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