Agenda of attracting and retaining talent should remain Premier's topic

Agenda of attracting and retaining talent should remain Premier's topic

It is essential that the agenda of attracting and retaining talent in Slovakia remains a prime ministerial topic, pointed out Premier Ludovit Odor on Tuesday, presenting an analysis from the Government Office's Research and Innovation Authority, which talks about four main areas of interventions related to talents. "A disproportionately high proportion of high school graduates and university graduates leave Slovakia. With every talent who is unsupported, moved away or rejected by the immigration authorities, Slovakia loses such added value," emphasised Odor.

The analysis draws attention to the need to take fundamental steps towards improving the added value of Slovak higher education for students, implementing the reform of universities and focusing on the retention and satisfaction of high-quality university employees. The goal is to halve by 2030 the proportion of Slovak students who attend university abroad, as well as university graduates who go abroad. Another agenda is to increase the return of Slovak talents from abroad by strengthening their ties with Slovakia via building communities and a strong, positive and authentic story of the country, improving working conditions and promoting attractive job opportunities, actively building motivation for return or maximally simplifying the administration and improving the user experience from the return.

The goal of the policy is to increase by at least five percentage points the number of talents who return to Slovakia from abroad by 2030. The third measure is to increase the arrival of international talent. It is therefore necessary to put Slovakia on the so-called immigration map of foreign talents. The fourth area is to raise the level and quality of cooperation with talent abroad by systematically supporting and maintaining a relationship with Slovakia, deepening care and improving the quality of state services, and creating specific opportunities to support cooperation, simplifying access to them and ensuring their promotion.


Ben Pascoe, Photo: TASR

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