Auditors point to structural problems in Slovak government

Auditors point to structural problems in Slovak government

The national auditors prepared an analysis focused on systemic problems threatening the sustainable direction of Slovak society, which is based on their description of risks in the management of public policies.

The Chairman of the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) Ľubomír Andrassy sent a detailed analysis to the Prime Minister and ministers today. It is not meant to give an opinion on the government’s manifesto, but to give a deeper analysis of where the country could improve its public services.

In recent years, according to the office, Slovakia has recorded a downward trend in all relevant global indices and indicators.

"We are a country stuck in a middle-income trap with an ineffective economic model associated with low innovative and investment activity. We are not managing to eliminate significant regional differences, significant progress is not being made in solving the problems of marginalized groups of the population, the level of education is declining at all levels, and the level of health care does not reach desirable parameters," added Andrassy.

The cause of this, according to the auditors: state and local government is insufficiently productive poorly organized. State and EU funds could be used much more productively if we addressed these structural problems, said Andrassy.


Bickercaarten Michiel, Photo: TASR

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