Slovak Chamber of Agriculture welcomes amendment to allow more foreign workers

Slovak Chamber of Agriculture welcomes amendment to allow more foreign workers

The Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food (SPPK), welcomes a new government decision to allow more third country migrants to work in the agri-food industry. The government has expanded the list of positions that qualify for visas, which include areas where employers have historically experienced labor shortages.

Employers across all areas of the economy have been struggling with unfavorable demographic trends for years. “The demographic development of Slovakia is unfavorable and our population is getting older. Every year we register approximately 20,000 fewer people who remain actively employed,” said Rastislav Machunka, vice-president of the Association of Employers' Unions and Associations of the Slovak Republic. This shortage disproportionately affects the agri-food industry where manual work becomes increasingly difficult with age.

Farmers thus doubly lack people in positions such as milkers, animal handlers or fruit pickers. With the harvest season fast approaching, the demand for workers is becoming critical. As part of the plan, farmers will also welcome maintenance workers and machinists, and in food production there will be new bakers and butchers. Visas will also be issued to migrants in 2024 for positions that are directly related to the development of agro-tourism in Slovakia, as well as in catering and hospitality.

“I appreciate the approach of the Minister of Labour...and the quick communication with the Minister of Agriculture. They have made a positive decision which will make it easier for companies in the agri-food industry to employ people from third countries more efficiently,” stated SPPK chairman Emil Macho.

Source: TASR

Jeremy Hill, Photo: TASR

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