Slovaks believe EU will attempt to influence European election

Slovaks believe EU will attempt to influence European election

Almost 40 percent of Slovak voters believe that EU institutions will attempt to influence the result of the upcoming European election, with slightly fewer respondents concerned about the meddling by the United States and Russia, according to a survey by the Central European Digital Media Observatory conducted in the Visegrad Four [V4: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia] countries.

In the survey, respondents were asked which specific country or international organisation will attempt to influence the election in their view. Up to 39 percent of Slovaks designated the EU and its institutions as the greatest threat, followed by the United States (38 percent), Russia (36 percent) and NATO (31 percent). In other V4 countries, most citizens are rather concerned about Russia: 63 percent in Poland, 54 percent in Hungary and 44 percent in the Czech Republic.

Inhabitants of the V4 countries were also asked about their happiness with democracy. In Slovakia and Hungary, only about 20 percent claimed to be happy with it, whereas the number in the Czech Republic and Poland stood at 33 percent.

The survey was carried out in March 28-April 3 on a sample  of 1,006 respondents aged 18-65 in Slovakia.

Source: TASR

Romana Grajcarová, Photo: TASR

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