Green Slovakia: What's eating Slovakia's forests

Green Slovakia: What's eating Slovakia's forests

A state of emergency was recently declared for the Brezno district due a severe outbreak of the European bark beetle. To qualify as an emergency, over ten percent of the forest must be under threat. This declaration brings with it an emergency management regime that is meant to save as much of the forest as possible.

To better understand the current and historical outbreaks of this native pest and its habitat, Jeremy Hill spoke with two experts. Dr. Andrej Kunca works in the forest research department at the National Forest Center in Banska Stiavnica and Erik Baláž, a former student of forestry and current nature documentary filmmaker.

Bark beetle Máte problém s prehrávaním? Nahláste nám chybu v prehrávači.


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Jeremy Hill, Photo: TASR, Jeremy Hill

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